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Our site was born in 2010 and has grown from a small group of filmmakers, primarily based in New York, to a large community which stretches from coast to coast.

Here you can upload a video and take part in community discussions. If you want an opinion on your project, you are sure to find it here, as well as a friendly ear from all.

The thing that pulls people to our site is the welcoming nature of the community behind it and without them, we would have nothing.

Our website has gone from being an amateur production, to being a slick, well-oiled operation with a team of professionals at the helm.

We have contributions from established industry experts, who share their knowledge and advice with our audience.

As well as an invaluable database of ‘how to do’ articles, we also have plenty of discussion.

Our bloggers offer opinions on all aspects of video and film making and are not scared of kicking off the discussion!

In addition to all this, we also have real life meet ups and events.

Last year, our series of masterclasses with respected film makers was incredibly well received and we are looking to recreate them this year – and bring them to a wider audience.

We are not a profit-making organization and are all about delivering the best advice, information and industry news to you, the video maker.

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